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Lavish Treatments

Lush Spa Services Waiting For You


The Beauty Kitchen Signature Facial

60 min., $130

One size does not fit all at The Beauty Kitchen Day Spa. We specialize in customizing facial treatments according to your skin's needs. Treatments are determined after a thorough skin analysis and a discussion with you about your skin goals. Our mission is to provide a facial experience that will leave your skin infused with amazing ingredients with proven results.  Our approach is based on science and years of experience. Would you like a facial customized just for YOU? It's possible at The Beauty Kitchen Day Spa.


Hydrodermabrasion & Oxygen Infusion

60 min., $150

Hydrodermabrasion is the latest innovation currently trending in the skincare industry. This amazing treatment uses advance technology to remove dead cells from the outer layer of the skin, without the pain and irritation that the traditional microdermabrasion treatment offers. Hydrodermabrasion combines water and oxygen to effortlessly exfoliate and reveal a healthier more radiant texture. Hydrodermabrasion has proven to be only the best alternative for sensitive skin types, looking for a gentle, yet hydrating exfoliation. It can be performed on all skin types, including those with aging, blemished, dull, dehydrated, and discolored skin. The treatment has additionally proved to be beneficial on oily skin. Through the reduction of oil and grease, pores are considerably reduced in size. Additional benefits include the reduction of mild acne scars, puffy eyes, and elimination of fine lines and wrinkles. This new technology also provides an overall positive effect on the body, as the circulation of the lymph flow is increased and the cell turnover process is heightened. Results will be instant!

Oxygen Infusion is a nourishing treatment that is designed to strengthen, rejuvenate, and radically improve the overall texture of the skin. This non-invasive technology involves spraying highly concentrated molecules of oxygen into the skin, infused with essential nutrients and minerals, provided by the particular solution selected. This then creates a high force flow of low molecular liquid infused with oxygen. The properties of the serum infused with the oxygen molecules reach deeper into the layers of the skin, increasing absorption, and thus, generating a high volume of benefits and nourishment. Additionally, the Oxygen Infusion treatment provides vital skin cells, the oxygen that is necessary to carry out and increase proper functions. These functions include, an increase in collagen production, an increase in moisture intake, and a rapid recovery after major skin procedures and treatments that may leave the skin irritated. As a result, the skin is instantaneously resilient and glowing due to its additional antibacterial properties and rapid hydration.


The Ultimate "Ageless" Facial

90 min., $200

If you want to fight the war against wrinkles, enlist The Ultimate "Ageless" Facial, an anti-aging treatment that delivers visible results with cutting edge technology and ingredients that leave your skin polished and infused with vitamin-packed serums. The Ageless Facial is designed to slow the aging process, brighten skin, and reduce wrinkles. If you long for a more youthful complexion, this treatment is for you!

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The Power of ZEN
ReZENerate NanoFacial

90 min, $130

The groundbreaking Rezenerate NanoFacial drastically reduces fine lines and leaves your skin feeling & looking younger. Utilizing cutting-edge Nanotechnology, the pressure points of Acupressure, principles of Yogic facial exercises, and the cool touch of Cold Therapy, Rezenerate NanoFacial delivers unparalleled Rez'ults! It provides an immediate plumpness, while also allowing for greater absorption of the nutrients introduced into the skin during the treatment. This treatment is customized for each client for their specific indications and is totally relaxing. This is a fabulous choice for someone who wants a truly corrective treatment without any downtime! *Results pictured achieved in a series of treatments. 

Hyperpigmentation "Be Gone" Treatment

Client 4.JPG

Treatment Series

Sunspots, pimple marks, melasma patches -- hyperpigmentation can be as unavoidable as the forces that fuel it -- the sun, heat, and your own hormones. The "Be Gone" facial treatment series (6+ sessions) will address all forms of discoloration and leave skin looking amazing. If you are trying to rid your skin of hyperpigmentation caused by acne or other culprits, the "Be Gone" treatment is for you! Note: A hyperpigmentation skincare system is required to be used at least two weeks prior to treatment series.

Acne Clear-Up Treatment (Series)

image_6483441 (4).JPG

Treatment Series

Ugh, Acne! It plagued many of us in our teenage years, but for some, it is also affecting us as adults. Acne occurs when your pores get clogged with dead skin cells and oil, with hormones fueling the fire. The bacteria, P. acnes, most commonly responsible for acne, then gets trapped in the pores, setting off a complex reaction resulting in those painful, red bumps. The Acne Clear-Up Treatment series can address your acne leaving you with healthy, blemish-free skin!

Oxygen "Exhale" Facial


60 min. $130

This facial revives stressed, dehydrated and overworked skin. Using oxygen-fortified products, this anti-aging treatment infuses the skin with antioxidants and increases oxygen levels in the skin resulting in a bright, gorgeous complexion after the first treatment. Your skin will literally "exhale."

Gentlemen's Facial


60 min, $130

This relaxing corrective treatment address the unique needs found in men's skin. It's specifically focuses on calming skin due to shaving, and regenerating and restoring the skin with exfoliating and hydrating ingredients. Skin is left smooth and polished, with a glow every man deserves!

Other Spa Services

Brow Design/Skin Technology/Makeup

Airbrushed brows.jpg

An eyebrow grooming appointment at The Beauty Kitchen day Spa is not your average "nail shop" experience. There is no "in and out." The client's eyebrows and facial structure are carefully analyzed to determine the best shape. Using wax, threading, tint, henna and "glam" tools, we are able to give you the brows of your dreams. Check out our Brow Gallery on Instagram!


Advanced Skin Technology

The Beauty Kitchen Day Spa believes in using the latest in technology in skincare to enhance treatments and achieve amazing results for its clients. From LED light therapy, hydrodermabrasion, microcurrent, and nanotechnology we merge technology and skincare to take every treatment to the next level.


Luxurious Gift Baskets

Give the gift of "relaxation" with a luxurious spa basket from The Beauty Kitchen Day Spa. These hand-crafted baskets are uniquely customized and curated with high quality products and keepsakes that will lift the spirit and calm the mind. Call to request your customized spa basket from The Beauty Kitchen Day Spa today.


Makeup Services

Are you getting married or attending an event where you want to look absolutely amazing? Let us help you achieve that "WOW" look for your big day. Whether you are going for the natural look or the latest look on the runway, The Beauty Kitchen Day Spa can achieve it.

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